How to Guide a 21 Day Seasonal Detox

Results-Driven Detox Coaching: A Coach's Blueprint for Success

Join Cate Stillman and discover her secrets of leading 50+ successful detoxes for over 20 years!

This exclusive event is your ticket to boosting your income and achieving breakthrough results
for your clients in just 21 days.

Save the date: March 20, 11AM MT


In 2001, Cate led our first Yogidetox with 6 members. 
20 years later, our global detoxing posse is stronger than ever.
Cate has been leading seasonal detoxes with hundreds of joiners twice a year since then.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on guiding clients towards their most fulfilling detox yet!

Welcome to "How to Guide a 21 Day Seasonal Detox," a transformative workshop hosted by our leader Cate Stillman, a pioneer in ancient-meets-modern health. This workshop is designed to empower wellness professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to expertly guide their clients through a rejuvenating 21-day seasonal detox journey.

Discover where Natural Rhythm and Your Client's Uniqueness meet

Discover the profound impact of aligning with the natural rhythms of the seasons and learn how to craft detox programs that resonate with the individual needs of your clients.

Follow best practices for running detoxes

Being fully equipped with detox wisdom is one thing. But you can only create effective detox programs that drive result when you have a system and a process.

For Wellness Pros who want to transform their clients

If you're a dedicated wellness professional - by that we mean health coaches, nutritionists, yoga instructors, practitioners, and anyone passionate about holistic well-being, then this is a workshop that you cannot miss. 

This workshop is tailored for individuals who share a passion for elevating health and wellness through comprehensive, edgy and holistic approaches. Don't miss the chance to expand your expertise and bring a transformative edge to your practice.

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How to Guide a 21 Day Seasonal Detox
March 20, 11AM MT
Meet Cate Stillman
A pioneer in ancient-meets-modern health, Cate Stillman is the leader and CEO at CLUB THRIVE and WELLNESS PRO ACADEMY. She grew her first company, Yogahealer, by passing forward the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. 

Driven by a mission to guide people to thrive, Cate is best known for resolving chronic symptoms, igniting ambition, and developing collaborative intelligence in those who join her dynamic clubs.

Global leader, podcaster and entrepreneur, she rewilds humans towards health, meaning, and purpose. Author of Body Thrive and Master Of You, Uninflamed is Cate’s third, and most edgy book.
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