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Welcome to our Member Stories Hub – a place where real-life stories meet inspiration! Explore the diverse journeys of our amazing community members who’ve transformed their lives with us. These stories go beyond testimonials; they’re a celebration of victories, resilience, and the strength of our connections.

Beverly has been a club member for several years, she far surpassed her own expectations with her incredible personal and professional transformation. Since joining, Beverly has created her own club tailored to her personal lifestyle, saving her time and maximizing her profit.

"WPA has Given Me Inspiration and Bolstered My Self-belief. I'm Now Able to Plan For the Future that I’d Always Envisioned"

 ‘Thanks to WPA, I've harnessed my unique abilities to create a profitable business that provides the best results for my members and offers me the income I desire. No more running around trying to juggle multiple projects.’ Beverly was able to recoup her initial investment within the first 3 months of joining WPA. ‘In times of overwhelm or lack of motivation, the community is always there to provide the support I need.

Beverly McCulloch

"WPA + Community has Helped Me Really Focus on My Zone of Genius Versus My "Needs Improvement" Yogi-Prenuer Qualities.”

Upon joining WPA, Chrissie was able to discover and leverage her unique abilities to design a club that allowed her natural talents to flourish. Chrissie has tremendous appreciation for the value of community that comes from being part of a club - “The members are always there applauding the good and offering help for the incomplete or disorganized business systems."

Chrissie Keillor

Like many of our members, Jacalyn had the passion and wellness knowledge to thrive, but lacked the business experience needed to piece everything together.

“I Now Attract More Clients with More Ease and Less Effort and I have Built My Confidence in My Ability to Coach My Students.”

 “Since joining WPA I have been able to expand my knowledge and experience of both marketing and sales so that I can bring a higher quality student into my program this year.” Getting the right type of clients is essential to both your morale as a coach and business success. With our expert business and marketing coaches, Jacalyn has been able to transform her website and marketing strategy 

Jacalyn Prete

“I Started Working for Myself Entirely, Calling the Shots and am Better Able to Make Decisions that Support my Peeps.”

At WPA, we give our members tools to reclaim their time and get their lifestyle back. More time means more focus on your personal wellness lifestyle and self improvement “I am now able to help more people evolve within a group instead of trying to meet one on one, which was exhausting. I make more money now as I am more confident and have time to learn more and more."

Shea Lehnen


 “I Think I Ripped YOU Off, I Have Forgotten What I Paid You.

At WPA, our ROI makes your investment more than worth it spiritually, mentally and financially. At WPA, we are committed to long term transformation that far surpasses any initial dollar investment.  I know it felt significant at the time, but whatever the number was, it was more than worth it.

Geoff Mackenzie

“I feel younger now than I felt in my 20's, my focus is incredible, I burst forth with creativity, and I am loving life to the max!"

“These habits have opened a whole new level of health for me!" Thanks to WPA, she completely turned around her lifestyle which in turn, had a tremendous positive impact on her business. "It is so incredible to wake up each day at 5ish in the morning, revving to go, counting my blessings and ready to tackle the day with vigor and enthusiasm. I dare not think how my life would have panned out without WPA!”

Cece LaCena

“I’m Thanking Myself for Investing in This as I am Close to the End of My Pilot 12 weeks."

“My challenge was knowing I was capped on the number of yoga classes I could teach per week without feeling burnt out… I became pregnant that year and needed to find a solid structure to work online that was within the parameters of wellness & teaching/coaching. Wow, really coaching, learning, and understanding the process. It’s the first time I have actually coached and worked with paying students.” 

Jessica Lee

"This is the First Online Format Where I Actually See Progress."

At WPA, our weekly coaching sessions are designed to keep our members focused and on track. Drawing from our extensive years of research, we have honed effective systems and business strategies to ensure their success. I am taking the initiative to get leads, I am excited to share on my YouTube channel, and I feel like I have systems in place that I didn’t know I was missing.’ I have enrollment conversations with ease and even when I don’t feel confident, the systems work. 

Clair Thomas

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